The platform that recognizes the talent of Africa's most creative individuals

A meeting point where Africa’s creatives can connect, find work, increase their visibility and upskill.

About Skika Afrika.

Africa is a continent rich with creative talent but insufficient creative industry infrastructure to allow our Creatives to generate profitable and sustainable enterprise from their talent.

Skika Afrika serves as a one-stop shop for career development for African Creatives – giving Creatives the community, information and tools they need to build sustainable careers.

Skiza na Skika is our motto, which is loosely translated from Swahili as listen and be heard. We are amplifying the voices of African story tellers – allowing them to bring to the world a broader understanding of who Africans are.

Skika Afrika, it’s about being heard.

Our Team

Sam Kezzie Weya

CEO and Co-Founder

Gbeke Odubanjo

COO and Co-Founder